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Kontor: tlf. 3670 8543

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CVR: 1459 3802


Blev udviklet i vores team af Bent Poulsen i 1996 i samarbejde med DBU​

(Nu med nyeste boldkonstruktion)​

www.fodbolde.dk : Altid frisk med et godt kvalitetstilbud : www.håndbolde.dk

Fodbolde.dk Fodboldspil.dk Håndbolde.dk Streethandball.eu

​Eaglehawk Street Handball

​Eaglehawk is a Danish brand , The balls is Thermo Bonded, Hybrid and Quality Hand-Sewn

​Durable handball for games on all surface types Extremely soft and squeezable (The ball is filled with synthetic wool and need no air inflation) Doesn´t hurt to catch, and even the smallest hand can throw it, which means everyone can take part The ball cannot be dribbled, so it´s important to pass it on frequently and play as team – it will let the game “flow” and it will avoid too many interruptions of the match. Circumference: 42 cm, 47 cm.playing both outside and inside.

Size 42 (For U6 players and down)

​Size 47 (Street Handball International recommend size 47 in most cases)

All our Danish registered EAGLEHAWK footballs and handballs are quality- and envionmentally certified according to:

​ISO 9001, 1401 standard. Fair Trade FLO ID 20646. Likewise SA 8000 certified for social responsibility. 

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